Friday Morning…

Please sir, no lovemaking tonight
I only need one thing…
for you to fuck me right



pinching and light bites

on my nipples and clit
now dont take your time
just impale me with that dick
no in and out stroking
but a hard deep grind
and throw in a lil choking
If you must stroke,
pull all the way out
then get back in with a harsh thrust

yes I’ll throw it back

my participation is a must
A nice hard ride
until Im ready to explode

then I’ll arch my back just right so you can unload.




First Time Swing

This story is partly made up of a true life experience and fictional content. It’s up to the reader to let their imagination decide which is which…

Dana couldn’t believe she decided to accept the invitation to attend a swinger’s party as she walked through the door. She had been receiving the invites for quite some time and considered going but had never actually followed through. At first glance, it looked like a regular house party anyone might have. Music was playing, people were sitting around talking and drinking. “Maybe this isn’t much different than any other party.” She thought. She did however, feel as if all eyes were on her, like she was a fish out of water. She was new and they could tell it.

Dana got her a drink and found her a seat on the couch. A guy walked over to her and smiled. “Hi my name is Mark. Is this your first play party?” “I’m Dana yes this is my first time here.” “Ok Dana well welcome. I’m one of the hosts tonight. We like to reach out to the new people make them feel welcome and go over some rules with them.” “Oh there are rules?” Dana asked. “Of course there are. It’s really not what people think. There is a method to the madness.” Mark said. “First off no means no. You have any problems with anyone; you go see those two guys up front?” Mark pointed to two men standing near the door. “They’re security. Or you could come see me or Breeze over there, she’s the other host.” Mark then pointed to a woman who was laughing and talking with some people. Dana nodded letting him know she understood. “At some point everyone will start to dress down. You don’t have to get completely naked…unless you want to. But this way no one feels uncomfortable because they are more exposed than someone else. Got it?” Dana nodded her head but it had finally hit her she was going to have to get undressed. She was prepared. She had brought a sexy purple baby doll with a g-string and her black stilettos, but shit was suddenly about to get real.

Mark left to go talk to some other people. Soon after he was standing in the middle of the floor making an announcement. He went over some of the rules he had just given Dana adding, guys always had to wear condoms, changing condoms with partners was a must and, to make sure you keep yourself fresh and clean throughout the evening. Rooms in the back were where the serious fucking went on and the area they were in now was for mixing and mingling and recuperating….Dana got her another drink as people started to take their turns in the bathroom.

After Dana and others changed, the scene started to get real sexy. Women were walking around in sexy lingerie, men were in shorts or boxers, and some had t-shirts or no shirt on. The mood was definitely set. To her surprise Dana was sitting and having a conversation with someone about their business. They even exchanged contact info to discuss how they may be able to assist one another in business in the future. Despite the fact that it was one big sex party there were people with great occupations and opportunities for networking. Mark came over and took her hand. “I’m sorry I don’t mean to interrupt but I want to show you something.” Dana excused herself and followed Mark who took her to a room. She couldn’t believe the scene before her eyes. In one setting a guy had a girl’s legs up in the air and was deep in pussy. In another, a woman was pushed up against a wall while another was eating her out. Behind that woman was a guy finger fucking her. Dana was captivated. As she watched the scene playing out before her and became aware of others in the room being voyeurs as well, she felt herself getting moist between her legs as her hands went to one of her pierced nipples. The sexual energy in the room was phenomenal. Mark pulled her away from the room and took her to another. She heard grunts and moans coming from two women as again others stood around and watched. “This is what you wanted to see right?” Mark asked Dana. “Is it always like this?” She asked. “Not always some prefer just some one on one. There’s not always an audience, but that’s up to the individuals. We don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to, and if you’re uncomfortable with something all you have to do is say so.” Remembering his original question, Dana replied “Yes this is what I wanted to see.” She said in a soft whisper.

Dana returned to the area where people were just talking. Every now and then there was a touch, a look or a caress going on, but it was nothing like was going on in the back. Dana soon found herself going back and forth between the rooms. Every now and then someone asked her if she was enjoying herself. She was. She returned to one of the rooms. A woman was on her back getting her pussy licked by a guy. Her titties were exposed looking plump and juicy. Soon Dana found herself laying sideways on the bed next to her and sucking her perky nipples. Dana felt a finger on her pussy. She looked to see Mark between her legs. He spread them wide and began to suck. Dana preferred woman. She came to the play party not knowing what to expect. But she knew this would be a mixed party with guys and girls, couples and singles. She figured her first time she would just look. Now here she was getting eaten out while others watched. She could do without dick. She wasn’t a big fan of penetration. But some bomb ass head is some bomb ass head no matter where it came from and this was some bomb ass head. Deciding a good nut is a good nut, Dana released the nipple from her mouth closed her eyes and got comfortable to ride this wave.

Dana felt a wet tongue on her nipple. The woman that was getting head next to her had leaned over and started to suck on her nipple. Soon she felt something soft on her other side. A woman had claimed almost on top of her. She took Dana’s other nipple in her mouth. A guy fucked the woman from behind. Dana was oblivious to all else that was going on around her. She felt a buildup in her thighs that traveled to the pit of her stomach and then out her mouth as she moaned with ecstasy from the best orgasm she had ever experienced. After the second one she felt her body go limp exhausted and in shock but still shuddering from the pleasure she had just received.

SPC Swingers

SPC Swingers was created to bring swingers and the swing establishments together to maximize their full party potential by giving lifestylers an easy way to find each other and communicate locally and afar

Ladies curious to the swinger’s lifestyle can visit and sign up for a free six month membership by mentioning you heard about the site through Aurora.


High off you

Inspired by your physique
Fueled with mind altering dessert

My love rises

Your moans, screams and faith cries

My love rises

It’s that look in your eye that promotes sore mornings


That ass in those Vickies
They yelling, “come get me”

I oblige

And go zero to sixty

My intensity increased so out comes the beast
You soaking the sheets as I eat
Because I want you to know how much you mean to me

Spread you wide to wine and dine
Tongue doing a rain dance for no certain amount of time

This is all for you and my meal is appreciated

Drunk off your nectar

I surround my love with yours…….

(to be continued)

-Ron Specs

Morning Fantasy

A glance turns into a stare.
At first unaware, but now you have taken notice.
Lust in my eyes and a bulge ferocious. I want you to hear my thoughts. I want you to know, that at this very moment, I’ve already walked over and grabbed your face and explored your sweet mouth.

Your shock has turned into elation and now your hands are on an exploratory mission towards my body.

You want to know who this stranger is that’s taken it upon himself to ravage you. You also wonder why you are ok with it.
Your erect nipples scream for attention, so I do what’s right and free them. As I devour each breast I feel your hands stroking me through my pants. It’s only right that i assist you by unzipping my them and placing my swollen love in your hands.
Get to know my love baby, stroke it and give it a gentle kiss, now hug it with each corner of your mouth. You look up at me with those confident eyes, because you know the world I’m being sent to is all your doing.

-Ron Specs


Just My Thoughts: Part 5

Hair pulling and ass smacking
Sweat pouring in all my glory
You wipe my brow because you want no interruptions
Gratitude shown with two deep strokes

I pause

Unsure if pure pleasure is provided or if it just simply hurts
Not here to cause harm
Baby it’s just the opposite

I want you to feel like a woman when you’re wrapped in my arms
Brief moment of romance in the midst of this fucking

Rubbing and tugging



Don’t touch me
I’m not ready for the cumming
I need this to last so I take a breath

I’m focussed now so I flip you on that belly
Palms nuzzled in the small of your back as I penetrate you deep in this beach front telle

Still you hold on to your sanity
I’m insulted and work harder to release your inner goddess

I pull your hair and whisper in your ear:

Don’t hold back baby fuck me without a care
Arch that back so the sun hits your face
I don’t want a good girl today
Daddy wants his bad girl
The part of you that takes the dick
Accepts it and rides the shit out of it
This is your rodeo and I’m your bull
Take me by the horn and control the situation
I want to be drained on this mini vacation
Fuck me like you’re facing a life sentence and this is your last sex session……

-Ron Specs


Just My Thoughts: Part 4

Interrupted by your absence no longer do I sleep, your side of the bed empty, but still smells so sweet.

Interruption number two, my favorite fresh brew; so I walk to the kitchen and in front of me is what I’m missing, and that of course is you.

Dressed in just a T-shirt watching the city with cup in hand, I grab you from behind and hold you tight–no words, but my feelings are understood.

I take your cup and place it on the counter, turn you around, grab your face, kiss you passionately to say I missed you in my sleep. I turn you around so we can enjoy the view together.

Hardening against your bare ass, and I know you feel it by the quickening of your breath. I kiss the back of your neck gently and we both know what happens next.

In an instant we become primal, ripping my shorts off, bending you over and entering your pretty, you accepting my love and pushing back, your walls closing in around me.

Soft moans, intense grunts, just the sound of our bodies conversing, no switching positions we made a decision to fuck right here, right now.

I’m holding your waist in one place so I can stroke you just how you like it. You turn around and look me in the face as if to say, “why is it this good?” My reply is a long deep stroke as I look deeply into your eyes, which start to roll back.

I come back for more, fucking you hard, fucking you deep as you scream for more; damn it feels amazing, your legs tremble so we’re getting closer to our Monday morning goal.

Push and pull, back and forth, my volcano is ready to erupt. Ass slapping and waist grabbing; baby I’m almost there, don’t stop, please keep going, I think we have found perfection.

Then the sweetest sound; your sexy howl synchronized with the words, “baby I’m cumming”.

-Ron Specs


Just My Thoughts: Part 3


Squeezing that ass and lifting you up, while you wrap your legs around me. I continue to kiss you deeply, walk you to the couch, and sit down. We race to rip each others pants off, just pants because we don’t have much time.

As we rid ourselves of unwanted garments, you slide down on my hardness and we both inhale deeply; finally accomplishing what our minds had already explored.

You look me in the eye as you control my dick, grinding and whining your waist. You see me weakening and want to climax at the same time. You ride me faster and faster as you get closer to your goal.

Finally you arch your back and my eyes roll away from view, as we cum hard–together. Your explosion drips down my love, as mine finds its way deep inside you.

-Ron Specs